Eleni Mavridou

Elena Mavridou- general manager of Elionis company. Competent and individual approach to each client needs. A professional in the business of real estate. Always ready to answer all your questions!


Maria Polychronidou

Maria Polychronidou is an office manager in the field of real estate in the Company Elionis. Experienced consultant. Provides competent counselling in the selection of accommodation in the island of Crete, and also provides detailed information about the purchase and sale process.


Mikis Sotiriadis

Mikis Sotiriadis is a specialist in the field of the post-sales services. Provides a wide range of services and support necessary for all customers who do not know the language and traditions of Greece. Resolve any question about water, electricity and internet supply. Always ready to answer all the customers’ and colleagues’ questions kindly and enthusiastically.


George Sipilidis

Georgios Sipilidis is a real estate specialist: rent, sale of the residential and commercial properties. He deals with purchase and sale process or with rent of the real estate, consulting of clients, demonstration of properties (premises, buildings, offices, etc.), helps in the assessment of real estate. Always ready to answer all the questions and I’m looking forward to any new cooperation!

+357 99111889
+357 25356545

Olga Akritidou

Olga Akritidou is a sales department’s specialist. She is engaged in the selection of properties and information customer care. Sithonia of Chalkidiki is supervised by Olga, who is always happy to assist all clients!


Konstantinos Paraskevopoulos

Konstantinos Paraskevopoulos is a sales department’ specialist and managing director in Nikiti. A seller and a real estate consultant in the region of Sithonia of Chalkidiki. Individual approach and professional services in the field of sales. Always ready to answer any clients’ questions about real estate in his supervised region and all over the Greece.