About Greece

Greece (Greek: Ελλάδα, Elláda [eˈlaða])

A mediterranean haven with sites at every turn, the country you  fall in love with immediately right from the first trip. A favorable climate, stunning environment, healthy food, unique landscapes and pristine beaches – all these attract not only tourists, but also those desiring to acquire first-class real estate abroad.

Analysing property prices in Greece, in comparison to other European countries, it can be stated with absolute certainty, that Greece provides the best return on capital investment.

The crime rate in Greece is minimal, so rest assured that your kids will not fall victims of influence by bad companies. Also worth noting is the fact that the level of education here is at the highest level. The sense of security and confidence in the future – these are the pulling factors towards acquiring property in Greece.

Territorially, Greece is divided into thirteen regions (peripheries). The largest area of the country -Macedonia. Subsequently, the area is divided into 52 prefectures. Each prefecture attracts with its own features, traditions, culture and natural beauty.

If you are interested in buying property in Greece, please note that:

  • Greece is divided into three climatic zones: Mediterranean, moderate and Alpine. Mediterranean climate relates to most of the Islands, moderate – relates to Central and Eastern Macedonia, and Alpine prevails only in the mountain regions in the Northwest of the country.
  • The air and sea in Greece are absolutely clean everywhere, regardless of the region you will eventually opt for. The country is virtually free from the presence of major factories and enterprises, thus, its ecology remains unharmed.
  • Greece is the ideal place for holidays as well as a life with kids. Many are moving to Greece with the specific objective as to create more pleasant and comfortable living conditions for their family.
  • In Greece, there are only two major metropolises: Athens and Thessaloniki. These two cities host 50% of the population of the entire country, but, even in these two cities, the buildings built are not that tall in their majority. An architectural design with a building exceeding three levels in hight is only a main feature of Office Buildings and trading centers.

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