Investment projects

Investments in residential real estate in Greece

Investments in real estate in Greece is one of the most profitable ways to invest. By investing money now, the buyer benefits not only from the profitable property purchase, which will enhance profitability in the future, but also get the opportunity to have a regular substantial income from letting.

The company Elionis offers to its clients only profitable investment projects, with a high rental yield, guaranteed to provide the owner with the stable high income from 5% to 10% of the value of the acquired real estate in Greece.

Using the services provided by the company Elionis our clients will be able not only to invest, but also to increase their capital significantly  in the shortest time. The company offers a wide range of investment projects of the Greek real estate market – from the long-term rent of the apartments to students who come to study in big cities, to the short-term rent of the holiday homes on the seafront to the tourists.

The company Elionis, through its activities  finds a tailored solution for every client, which is based on the integrated analysis of the current situation of the investment market in Greece and the prospects for its future development.  In the case of expressed interest towards the properties from database of the company Elionis, the experts of our company will calculate purchase expenses and the profit from letting of the  most prospective and profitable in terms of investment properties.