Loutraki, Greece

Villa Nemea in Loutraki
2.700.000 €
Loutraki, Greece
Area: 470m2

Loutraki (Gr. Λουτράκι) is a small resort town located on the shore of the Gulf of Corinth in the Ionian Sea, near Athens. It is known for its thermal baths and wellness luxury spa-resorts. Here, the mineral water is flowing even from a simple kitchen tap.
Loutraki is amongst the best resorts in Europe, this became possible due to a stunning environment, the healing waters and the well-developed infrastructure .
At the beach you can enjoy water sports: surfing, windsurfing, diving, sailing. Almost all the beaches are covered with small smooth pebbles. Numerous cafés, traditional taverns, bars and restaurants are located on the seafront of Loutraki.
Also, there is one of the largest in Europe casinos –Casino Loutraki. So if you love the risk and excitement, here you will certainly enjoy these sensations.
The town has a very convenient location, with an easy access to all the most interesting cultural and archaeological sites in Greece – Corinth, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia. The legendary Corinth Canal, which separates Attica from Peloponnese, is just 10 km away from the town.
Real Estate in Loutraki will satisfy any requests. Here you can purchase luxury villas, upscale cottages, premium townhouses and perfect apartments in the town centre.
You can swim not only in the warm Aegean Sea, but also in a modern water park, that will delight you and your children with a variety of water amusement rides.
The town of Loutraki is very clean and beautiful and leisure and living here will benefit your health and give the opportunity to see the most interesting places in Greece.