After-sales services

After-sales services related to the management and maintenance of real estate in Greece

 A modern property is valuable asset, which should be managed properly and timely. As experience has shown the most effectively way to solve this problem is to apply to the company, professionally engaged in the management of purchased estate, aimed at minimizing the cost of maintenance and functioning of your new property.

Our goal and objective is to establish a long-term partnership with a client and to offer to the property owners the high quality services related to the management of the apartment, villa or commercial buildings, based on an advanced system of pricing and long-term expert assessment of the investment market in Greece.

In order to proceed with provision of the after-sales services offered by the company Elionis, it is necessary to sign Service provision Agreement, related to the management and maintenance of  you property, which states the subject of the agreement (type and scope of services), content (rights and obligations of the parties) as well as the terms and the other standard characteristics of the official document.

Only in case of signing of this contract the clients hand in the property key to the company representative.



  1. Inspection of the premises, water supply system and power supply system. During your absence the authorized employees of the company Elionis will visit once a month your property and any problems detected during the inspection will be either fixed on the spot, either you will be informed about their existence.
  1. Informing the owner in case of problems or notifying about any possible problems. In the event of problems that may require your participation, the authorized employees of the company Elionis, after the on-site consultation with the qualified experts will determine the cost of and provide you with the full information about the conditions and the required rectification costs. The faults will be rectified upon your consent
  1. Ventilation (airing) of the premises. During the long absence the premises may suffer from dampness and its side effects. Our employees will ventilate once a month the premises in order to avoid unpleasant odors and adverse consequences of dampness.
  1. Payment of current bills. The payment of utility bills, as well as of taxes will carried out in a timely manner and without additional cost in case if this agreement was not signed.
  1. Photo report on the state of the property. The client, which has concluded the services provision agreement with Elionis will receive a photo report on the state of the property on his email in the end of each calendar month.



The cost and terms of the contract

The price for the above mentioned services is 50 euro per month. This agreement may be concluded for a minimum term of six months or one full calendar year.



  • Housing improvements after the property purchase in Greece • installation of an alarm system;
  • services on the connection to the security system console;
  • Basic maintenance and repair;
  • Maintenance of the property;
  • garden and surrounding area maintenance (depending on the area of the plot and the number of trees);
  • Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools (depending on the season);
  • Preparing the house for the arrival of the owner (the client must inform the company a week before);
  • mediation services during the filing of an annual income tax return;
  • mediation in during accounting, notary, legal, interpreting services;
  • mediation services in the delivery of diesel and firewood (the client must inform the company a week before);
  • mediation services for VIP-transfer.

Any additional services are considered individually and also included in the agreement on the client’s request.



Housing and utilities services for the clients of the company Elionis

The housing and utilities department of the company Elionis is dealing with all issues related to the  housing and public utilities. This department is responsible for management of real estate in Greece and connection to the required utility supply systems. Our company represents the interests of the client in Greece and provides on behalf of theclient  the connection to the Power supply system, Water supply system and the Internet (on the clients request).

Connection to the Power supply and Water supply systems

  1. Liaising with a developer or the previous owner of the property as well as with the State Authorities.
  2. Informing the client about the costs, receiving the consent and payable amounts
  3. Conclusion of the Utility Supply agreements, informing the client
  4. Control on the connection to the Utility supply system, informing the client


For the purposes of the connection to the Utility Supply Systems you should present the copies of the documents (TIN in Greece, owner’s passport, sales and purchase agreement, building permission, Power of Attorney, ID of the authorized person) 

Payment Methods

The payment is done on the basis of the sales and purchase agreement and a Power of Attorney of the client to the Elionis. The bills are paid both from the deposit amount left at our disposal, or remotely – through the offices of Elionis.


After the execution of the connection to the supply systems, the client will receive on his email address receipts for each service provided. The originals of these receipts will be kept in the archives of our head office in Thessaloniki. The client can get access to them at any time on his request.

Payment of bills in Greece

 The electricity bill  includes (is sent once every two months, the amount is determined in accordance with the meter characteristics):

  • monthly subscription fee,
  • garbage removal,
  • municipality fee,
  • tax for the TV.

The water bill includes (is sent every four months in Thessaloniki and every six months in the Halkidiki area, the amount is determined accordance with the meter characteristics everyfour months):

  • monthly subscription fee,
  • municipality fee.

The address of the Head office of the company Elionis is determined as the address of delivery of the bills of the client.

How to make a payment of the utility bills?

  1. Receiving the bills on the company address
  2. Informing the client on the current bills
  3. The client gives the consent to pay the bill form the deposit amount left previously or transfers the amount payable.
  4. The bills are paid
  5. The client receives the notification along with the receipt, the bills are kept in the pied bills files of the relevant client

The client may get the access any time on their request



 1) Fixed connection

The terms of the connection is about a monthElionis offers two types of fixed connection:

  1. A) Connection under the contract with a minimum term of one year.
  2. B) Connect under the contract for a period of six months – from 01 June to 30 September, plus the month during the New Year holidays and a month during he Easter holidays.

When fixed connection except of Internet you with will be granted  free 250 minutes of calls to landlines and 30 minutes on mobile phones per month in Greece. As well as free caller ID of incoming calls and 2 months free antivirus protection.

2) Flash drives and mini-routers

А) Flash drives

The minimum term of connection is 12 months (simultaneous connection of up to 10 devices). The maximum data transmission rate – 21 Mbps with limited maximum volume of 20 GB per month.

B) Mini routers

Limited volume – 20 GB per month (each additional GB, after the standard 20 per month, is paid in addition).

3) Satellite Internet

This method of Internet connection is offered subject to a contract for two years. All equipment is provided free of charge. The cost of connection is included in the first bill. In some of the “package” offers the unlimited use of the Internet is available from 00:00 to 06:00. Please note, that  after completion of the monthly volume, access to the Internet is completely suspended.



If the client does not to conclude the services provision agreement related to the property management, our company provides a single management and maintenance services and on request and without signing a contract.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.