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Residency permit in Greece

After buying property in Greece each owner has an opportunity to obtain a residence permit. A stay in Greece for a specified period is not required.

Advantages of  Greek residence permit

Traveling in Europe without a visa, the possibility to receive European education, the ability at any time to visit Greece and Europe for holiday and for the other personal matters The owner of the property qualifies to obtain residency permit in Greece , regardless of its value. Initially, the property owner receives a residence permit valid for 1 year, which is extended annually and after 5 years the residence permit is issued for 10 years. Ownership of the property entitles both the owner and his family to obtain a residence permit and to stay in Greece for an unlimited number of days per year and travel around Europe. The law entered into force since 2013 opens the prospects for buyers of the property  with the value of 250.000 euro and above. The owner of the property, as well as his family members, applying for a residence permit, obtain it immediately for a period of 5 years with a right to extend it.


The competent staff  of Elionis will consult you regarding the complete list of documents required for submission for this type of residency permit, as well as on each stage registration process of documents. With the support of a competent real estate experts and legal consultants the process  of obtaining a residence permit is extremely simple and transparent All the matters related to the documentation registration can be can be entrusted to the professional of Elionis. The company lawyers assist our clients in preparation of the documents for obtaining residence permit in Greece and in the process of submitting the documents to the Migration Authorities.
There are several specific conditions of the Greek legislation under which a residence permit is issued.



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