About Us

Luxury property throughout Greece with Elionis

The Elionis company allows you to buy the most elite and luxurious property in any part of Greece and Cyprus. On our website you can choose one of the best real estate for each lifestyle and recreation: houses by the sea, villas with private beaches and helicopter landing sites, property for golf and yachting.

Exceptional service

When there is an offered for sale outstanding house of premium class – we learn about it first. We offer only the most stunning property that really deserves your attention. Our experienced professionals know and love Greece, and after listening all your wishes, offer you only those objects that are really worth.

The purpose of Elionis is to open doors for you of the most valuable and enchanting Greek houses: luxury villas, prestigious houses, unique manor houses, exclusive apartments. And also to provide an exclusive service: rent of helicopters, yachts, organizing the protection and care of your property.

Live like the Olympian gods

The luxury real estate in Greece and Cyprus is an opportunity to enjoy the richness of nature and the magnificent climate of the Olympian gods’ country, legendary heroes and heating the imagination myths. Add to all these the best beaches in Europe, the VIP-service, great conditions for sailing, golf, a variety of exclusive services, clean sea and endless opportunities and get the best resort property.

Regular flight connection

The all-season availability of Greece and Cyprus is one of the obvious advantages for purchasing property in these countries. From the airports of Greece and Cyprus during all the year there are direct flights all over the world, so you will be able to visit your property whenever you want.

Elionis – property that you deserve!